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Body says more than words: Samson and Delilah

Samson & Delilah 4

Samson & Delilah © Mark Rogers

When it hit the screens in 2009, Warwick Thornton’s first full-length’s Samson & Delilah had already won the Camera d’or at Cannes and was already turning heads. And what everyone was talking about, was, precisely, the lack of dialogue in this « real Aboriginal movie ». As we discovered it’s not that Thornton doesn’t like chatting, but he may have shown another form of human communication.

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« It’s a man’s country, sweetheart »

Wake in fright
Wake in Fright, 1971, by Ted Kotcheff. NLT Production. 1’10’’30

“Have a drink, mate?” may be the most popular question in Australia. Well, at least it seems when you watch some 1970s Australian movies. Not only does drinking seem to hold a major role in social relationships, but calling others “mate” embodies one of the most important aspects of Aussies’ culture: companionship. For better and for worse, apparently.

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Elizabeth Warren smacks Wall Street faces

Elizabeth Warren

© Tim Pierce

She is called “Wall Street’s nightmare”. Last week again, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) urged the Obama administration to conduct financial and economic reform to prevent the country from another crisis. The first female senator from Massachusetts doesn’t fight for herself, but for the American middle-class she comes from. Her only device: transparency.

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